Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Compliance Global Inc is a global provider of online compliance training. Our focus lies on diverse industries through user friendly mediums for facilitating effective exchange of ideas.

What are the advantages of attending webinars at Compliance Global Inc?
Compliance Global Inc is a destination where culmination of knowledge comes from various industry experts from across the world. Each of the experts we bring to the online forum possesses length and breadth of experience and expertise in specific subjects. Webinars are time and cost effective and can be taken from anywhere at your convenience.
Where do I seek information on upcoming Compliance Global Inc webinars?
Compliance Global Inc will send you information as well as reminders on upcoming webinars of your choice. However, you will have to complete a simple task of joining our mailing list that will be handled in strict confidentiality.
How long does an average webinar span?
The duration of an average webinar extends anywhere between 60 minutes to 75 minutes.
What is the process of registering with Compliance Global Inc's webinars?
You can register for our events and webinars through a simple registration process. Choose a program of your choice and fill in a simple, hassle-free registration form to get started.
Is there an option of purchasing a recorded webinar?
Yes. Besides purchase of live webinar sessions, you can also make a purchase of recorded webinars. This gives access to topics of your choice at a time that is most convenient to you. Please follow the link on our website to take you directly to the appropriate page.
How do I receive confirmation of my registration?
Upon registration, you will receive confirmation intimation through email. At the end of the registration process, we will send you an invoice letter.
Can I suggest a webinar topic? If so, what is the process I will have to follow?
Yes, we welcome your suggestions. A link is provided in the webinar page for this purpose. Your suggestions can be directed through this link.
What is the process for ordering a webinar?
All that you need to do is to choose a webinar of your choice from the webinars section.
What is the payment methodology for Compliance Global Inc?
Compliance Global Inc accepts all modes of payment - MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit/debit cards and PO.
How secure is my online transaction with Compliance Global Inc?
Your online transactions with us are extremely secure. We operate on a safe and reliable platform and hence your data is safeguarded from misuse, unauthorized disclosure or access, destruction, modification or loss.
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