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Speaker: Mike Allocco

Duration: 90 Minutes
Product Code: 700020
Level: Intermediate

Safety Management Systems - Axioms and Methods

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Certified Safety professional’s work in imperfect entities, and they may send excessive time and resources attempting to meet safety program objective and/or fixing a safety management system design, or enhancing an existing process, project, or facility.  This may be due to poor initial decisions based upon not addressing systems for safety. Consider that the decision-makers may not have understood safety axioms. Ideally, the safety professional should participate in the initial decisions concerning a new or modified design, or a process, project, or facility. Unfortunately, in many cases the safety person enters the program later, and consequently, must meet an inappropriate program objective, while attempting to fix an ill-chosen safety system design; which presents additional challenges due to decision errors, safety engineering errors, complex systems, excessive automation, and the over complex involvement of the software, firmware, hardware, the human, and environment.  So then, considering limited time and resources, what should the safety professional do to address appropriate safety axioms?

Why Should You Attend

Various safety professionals that are interested in applying safety axioms and appropriate methods in solving safety-related problems; including implementing various methods in support of risk management; such professionals as: risk managers, safety directors and managers, safety engineers, compliance engineers, and risk analysts.

Areas Covered in this Webinar

Formal methods are applied in system management, which are based upon sound safety axioms will aid in enhancing safety management systems. We will discuss the methods that may enable more efficient safety application by overcoming illogic and by applying concise safety axioms involving: activity hazard analysis, risk assessment, and hazard control application. These methods address risk assessment, with taxonomy to describe risk, getting back to safety engineering basics, and overcoming the performance paradox.

Learning Objectives

Participants will acquire knowledge of safety axioms; which can enhance safety management systems; Various heuristics and rules associated with safety axioms are discussed in context with system safety, safety management and safety engineering methods and techniques; Various forms of “thinking” are discussed in support of safety axiom application, such as critical thinking, system thinking, and inductive and deductive logic; Hopefully, participants may learn how to look at a safety-related challenge from different points of view.A review of appropriate analysis tools will be presented.

Who Will Benefit

Anyone interested is applying safety axioms to solve safety-related problems in support of risk management. 

Speaker Profile

Mike Allocco, PE, CSP, is a Fellow in the International System Safety Society and current former Director of Mentoring, Research and Development. Mike is a professional member of ASSE. He had been involved in system safety, safety engineering, and safety management since 1976. He has conducted system safety engineering on diverse complex systems for DOT, DOD, DOE, NASA, and general industry. Mike is the author of Safety Analyses of Complex Systems: Considerations of Software, Firmware, Hardware, Human, and the Environment, Wiley, 2010 and coauthor (with Dev Raheja) of Assurance Technologies Principles and Practices: A Product, Process, and System Safety Perspective, Second Edition, Wiley, 2006.

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Product ID:700020
Duration: 90 Minutes

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