Risk Analysis in Food Safety Management

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    Speaker: Oscar Rodriguez Gonzalez
    Duration: 90 Minutes
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    Level: Beginner
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Analysing and managing events that involve food safety management process is the function of a food safety practitioner, managers and administrators of an enterprise that handles food. Because this type of events can be predicted or unexpected, involve human lives and additional fixing and improvement costs some level of food safety knowledge is required to properly address the situation.

Like any other emergency management situation a systematic approach to analysing and managing food safety risks can help to appropriately address this type of situations. In addition to this, trends of food safety risks need to be analysed for continual improvement and this activity requires additional skills on data analysis.

The objective of this webinar is to review techniques that can be used to analyse food safety management situations. Using an analogy with fire management it will cover analytical techniques from “extinguishing the fire” to “conducting fire drills” to “creating fire-proof environments”.

why should you attend

This webinar will help you to improve your management skills in managing food safety risk situations. Like it was said by Louis Pasteur once “Fortune favours the prepared mind”, and this webinar is designed for that.

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Areas Covered

  • Food Safety risk analysis
  • Risk analysis techniques
  • Risk analysis in planning and continual improvement

Learning Objectives

After attending this webinar the attendee should be able to analyse predicted and emergency food safety events more efficiently and effectively.


  • Food Safety Managers and  Supervisors
  • Administrators
  • New Product Developers
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Auditors
  • Inspectors


Oscar Rodriguez Gonzalez is a consultant and entrepreneur consultant who manages Rodriguez-Gonzalez Services. His training include Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, food safety management systems and HACCP. He also is a Professional Agrologist, Certified Food Scientist, Certified Sustainability Professional and obtained a PhD in Food Science from the University of Guelph and an MSc in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from Texas A&M University. His areas of consulting include Food Safety Auditing, Continual Improvement, Energy Efficiency, and Sustainability Management applied to the Food and Beverages sector. His recent projects include: conducting a series of presentations sponsored by the Food Suppliers Association (FPSA), preparing a series of presentations for virtual education groups, performing Food Safety Audits by contract, assisting in the maintenance of SQF certification and a series of studies in the usage of Energy and Sustainability metrics in the Food and Beverage sector.

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