Strategies and processes for Swift Internal Investigations.

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    Speaker: Gayla Sherry
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Conducting an internal investigation is a vital piece of eeo compliance reports. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which is the cornerstone of employment law, requires that any discrimination complaint be swiftly and thoroughly investigated. Organizations who do not properly conduct the investigation are at tremendous risk of lawsuits, fines and/or settlements, many of them in six plus figures. Other anti-discrimination laws, including Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination Employment Act, Drug Free Workplace Act and osha laws also require immediate and swift investigations of discrimination and safety complaints. This webinar will include a step-by-step process for conducting an investigations and strategies for dealing with difficult investigation issues. The webinar speaker is an EEOC trained investigator and highly experienced investigator - she will share a wealth of her experience to provide an informative session.

why should you attend

No two investigations are the same – even a seasoned veteran who has handled discrimination complaints and conducted internal investigations can benefit from this session. The risk of not conducting an investigation properly is substantial in terms of fines, penalties and settlements, but also court costs and deterioration in the company’s reputation. This webinar will present plain language ideas for conducting investigations.

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Areas Covered

  • Laws requiring employers to conduct investigations
  • Identifying the need for an investigation
  • Common causes for investigations
  • Goals of an internal investigation
  • Hearing the initial complaint
  • Training managers how to respond to a complaint
  • Preparing the investigation strategy
  • Selecting the appropriate investigator(s)
  • Identifying potential witnesses
  • Identifying relevant documents
  • Identifying appropriate and relevant electronic records, files and communication
  • Securing files and records during the investigation
  • Preparing and conducting the investigative interview
  • Question preparation and formatting
  • Conducting the interview
  • Developing the facts
  • The importance of summarizing and reviewing responses during the interview
  • The importance of patience when conducting the interview
  • Note-taking strategies
  • Reading body language
  • Conducting a post-interview evaluation
  • Preparing an interview summary
  • Preparing the final report
  • Managing challenges during an internal investigation, including hostile witnesses, attempts to tamper with documents related to the investigation, managing confidentiality and mitigating gossip
  • Helpful resources and websites

Learning Objectives

Participants will gain:

  • Perspective of the relationship of conducting internal affairs investigations with risk management
  • Knowledge of how to conduct an internal investigation that meets the goals of the investigation
  • Understanding of how to deal with difficult and challenging investigation issues


  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Human Resource Specialists
  • Human Resource Generalists


Gayla Sherry is President of Gayla R. Sherry Associates, Inc., an Oklahoma-based consulting firm established in1995; the firm's mission is to improve employee engagement and productivity byproviding human resources services. The firm has conducted many engagements with a widerange of clients, including financial services, health care, government, higher education,public, private and nonprofit organizations. Projects include HR Audits, developing policies,procedures, handbooks, job descriptions, Affirmative Action plans, management training, employee relations, mediating conflict, conducting internal investigations and succession planning.

Gayla is a well-respected human resources professional, accomplished speaker and facilitator, faculty member and published author. She brings a broad range of business experience in seniormanagement positions in human resources, operations, marketing and customer service.Gayla's business background includes senior management positions in commercial bankingand the Federal Reserve System. Gayla offers a highly-credentialed background as a Senior Professional in Human Resources, an EEOC-trained Internal Investigator and CertifiedMediator.

She is a member of the Society of Human Resources Management. She is the author of numerous professional articles and books, including: "Employee Retention:Reducing the Risk and Cost of Employee Turnover", and posts an HR or management tip onYouTube, "Tuesday Tip".She is a Strategic Business Partner with Profiles International, the largest provider of assessments for hiring, development and succession planning. Gayla's education includes Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma; she is an honors graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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