New and Effective Healthcare Leadership Skills for a Diverse Workforce

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    Speaker: Laura S. Hargraves
    Duration: 90 Minutes
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The Healthcare industry has changed rapidly and dramatically and yet in some ways remained the same. This environment of chronic change demands that leadership take a look at how it is perceived and presented in this industry. The cliché’s of old “think out-side of the box”, as just one example no longer apply as the box has changed into something altogether new. This webinar will address the strengths, the flexibility and the effective communication skill needed for a leader in this industry under today’s challenges.

We will look at how leadership affects your workforce and how the changes in the workforce dictate new styles of leadership and communication. How your leadership style will drive the skills of your managers and department heads. How leadership impacts the quality of care provided by your employee and your employee’s compliance with not only the standards of your facility or organization but governmental compliance as well.

We will look at different styles and types of leadership and present information to allow you to assess your leadership style and its effectiveness.

why should you attend

Have you identified your leadership style? Is it effective for your organization? Are you always at odds with your department heads and managers?  If so, this would be a webinar that will help you resolve those issues.

Today’s workforce is not comprised of individuals with similar backgrounds and ideals. The workforce is comprised of individuals who come from a wide variety of cultures and levels of education. They come with ideas and work ethics that may be dramatically different than your own. To effectively manage and grow a team of this diversity takes new leadership skills as well as communication styles.

We will look at the communication necessary to ensure that all members of your team understand your organizations goals and objectives. We will also look at the different leadership styles that are best suited to divergent cultures and work forces.

We will look at how you can be true to yourself, which is essential for any leader and still bring out the best from individuals who are different in many ways, how you can inspire them to do their best and provide the best care and communication within your facility.

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Areas Covered

•  Leadership Styles
•  Communication Styles
•  Impact of Workplace Diversity Training
•  Leadership versus Management
•  Creating Leaders within your Workforce

Learning Objectives

•  Identify your Leadership Style
•  Know your Communication Style and its Impact on Leadership
•  Understand  how the Current Workforce operate


•  All Management Personnel
•  CEO’s
•  Department Heads
•  Middle Level Managers
•  Upper Level Managers


Laura S. Hargraves MS CCC-SLP, has worked in the healthcare industry for over 25 years. Her background includes working with CMS for Medicare compliance within Skilled Nursing and Rehab facilities. She has worked with diverse teams to ensure that they are meeting the standards necessary to foster and support the ever changing demands for improved compliance and reporting with in the healthcare industry. She has a strong belief that each organisation benefits from a strong leader who is supported by the correct team members in all areas of their organisation. Your compliance team is essential for the strength of your organisation.

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