Starting Your Workplace Violence Program on a Shoestring Budget

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    Speaker: Joe Rosner
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You already know if the violence erupts in your workplace the consequences can be unpredictable, and can be severe. These include, but are not limited to, injuries or death of employees, customers, and/or visitors from workplace violence, in lawsuits, property damage, increased insurance premiums, OSHA enforcement actions, increases employee turnover and reduced community trust.

In most workplaces where risk factors can be identified, the risk of assault can be prevented or minimized if employers know and take appropriate precautions.

One of the best protections employers can offer their workers is to establish a written policy toward workplace violence, covering all workers, patients, clients, visitors, contractors, and anyone else who may come in contact with company personnel.  A low-cost workplace violence prevention program, combined with engineering controls, administrative controls and training can reduce the incidence of workplace violence in both private sector and government workplaces.

why should you attend

This anti harassment training offers employers low- and no-cost ideas and resources for starting a workplace violence prevention and mitigation program.

Even though your organization may not be at high risk for violence, because the consequences can be devastating, protecting your team is just good business.   And while nobody disputes the importance or preventing workplace violence, all too often it is not considered urgent.  Except after the fact, when it is too late.

Every dollar spent on one thing is a dollar you don’t have to spend on something else.  Will you have a workplace violence incident next month?  Probably not.  But for sure there’ll be payroll, insurance, rent, etc. that must be covered.   Pay them or go out of business.  But crossing your fingers and hoping for the best is not going to prevent or mitigate violence.

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Areas Covered

This webinar will address the key elements of violence management: prevention, mitigation, and response.

Free or low cost ways to conduct risk analysis, secure the business premises, create polices, conduct safety training and keep your facilities and people safe from violence will be covered.

Resources available from OSHA, NIOSH, the FBI and other organizations will be reviewed.

Learning Objectives

After participating in this workplace violence and harassment training, you will be able to  describe, outline and/or discuss-

  • The Scope, Impact and Typology of  Workplace Violence
  • Workplace Violence Plans, Policies and Procedures
  • Worksite Violence Risk Analysis Tips
  • Hazard Prevention & Control Methods
  • Personal Safety Training- Low-cost and Free Resources
  • Recordkeeping & Evaluation
  • Responding to Workplace Violence Incidents


Security, Human Resources, Safety, Facilities/Maintenance, Risk Management/Legal, Counseling/Mental Health, and Operations.


Joe Rosner is the Director of Best Defense USA and a nationally recognized expert on workplace violence and personal safety for health care and other occupations. The aim of Joe's organization is to impart his military, law enforcement, bodyguard background and sales and sales training skills for his audiences' benefit. He has Black Belt in three martial arts, is a private pilot and a certified self-defence instructor. He is the author of Street Smarts & Self Defence for Children as well books and articles on workplace violence prevention and personal safety for healthcare. Joe has presented at The National Emergency Management Summit, The American Healthcare Association, The Heartland Healthcare Conference, and numerous state healthcare and hospital conferences. His credentials include law enforcement, military and bodyguard experience and growing up on the south side of Chicago. Joe has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Realtor Magazine, and other industry publications as well as on numerous radio and TV programs.

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