Complying with Regional Trade Agreements to Expand Your Markets.

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    Speaker: Andrea Ewart
    Duration: 60 Minutes
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    Level: Intermediate
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This webinar will discuss the opportunities and challenges that the growing network of regional trade agreements (RTAs) presents for companies as they expand internationally. Complying with RTAs facilitate international business by lowering the barriers to the cross-border flow of goods and services. In 2010, 41% of U.S. goods were exported to a country with which the U.S. has signed a trade agreement. RTAs also bring with them complex preferential rules of origin with which companies must comply in order to fully access their benefits.

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The ability to properly access new market opportunities presented by RTAs requires a proper understanding of the rules of origin for your product(s):

   •  What is “substantial transformation” and how will I know when it has taken place?
   •  What is a tariff shift; how and when does it occur?
   •  What is cumulation and how do I determine country of origin?
   •  From where can I source my inputs to take advantage of duty-free access into a specific market?

Beginning with the production process, these are some of the questions that must be asked and correctly answered to take maximum advantage of new market opportunities under RTAs. The benefit of duty-free access requires knowing how and why products qualify for this preferential entry.

Failure to follow correct import procedures, including proper classification of products can lead to the following:

   •  Goods may be refused duty-free entry or rejected altogether
   •  Importers can incur civil penalties
   •  Goods may be delayed because of inaccuracies or questions

All of this adds to the bottom line, leading to costs instead of benefits. Understanding and complying with the requirements of RTAs is essential to effectively taking advantage of the market access opportunities that they provide.

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Areas Covered

•  A look at the “alphabet soup” of existing and pending RTAs
•  Understanding free trade agreements
•  Understanding customs unions
•  Understanding other types of RTAs
•  Other preferential regimes
•  A look at major RTAs involving the US and the EU
•  Opportunities for exporters of goods
•  Complying with rules of origin & marking requirements
•  Duty deferral and drawback procedures
•  Recordkeeping requirements
•  Opportunities for exporters of services
•  Dispute settlement decisions and their implications

Learning Objectives

•  Understand the scope of RTAs
•  How to comply with their requirements to take advantage of the market access they provide


•  Customs Personnel or Officers
•  Trade Compliance Personnel or Officers
•  Import or Global Trade Directors or Managers
•  Chief Compliance Officers
•  Logistics Professionals
•  Distribution Professionals
•  Transportation Professionals
•  Import Supervisors
•  Customs Brokers
•  Business Development Managers


Andrea Ewart, is a trade attorney who works with companies to minimize the costs and delays associated with moving products and services across international borders. Prior to opening her own firm in 2003, Andrea Ewart worked with the Washington, D.C. office of the law firm of Holland & Knight LLP, where she counseled and represented clients on U.S. customs law and enforcement, U.S. export control laws, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) and Caribbean Basin Initiatives (CBI) preferential programs. She has successfully taken the U.S. customs broker exam.

Ms. Ewart is an accomplished speaker and writer and applies her practical experience on trade to the issues that affect businesses and their bottom line. Her workshops on the "Legal Do's and Don'ts of Doing Business Internationally" provide insightful and indispensable information, particularly for small businesses.

Ms. Ewart is admitted to the Washington D.C., Maryland, and the Florida Bars, and the U.S. Supreme Court Bar. She is an active member of several professional organizations, including her current position as Executive Vice President with the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT).

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