Madonna Versus Bruce Springsteen, Handling Change with Effective Communication.

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    Speaker: Amanda Box
    Duration: 60 Minutes
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Change is hard, but necessary and effective communication skills will facilitate success.

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Change affects every part of your work and personal life. It makes sense to be equipped with a successful strategy to handle these fast paced changes. With this webinar, you will learn to navigate through changes with improved communication skills so that you and your coworkers can conquer challenges and still want to be on the same team. Find out if you are a Madonna or a Bruce Springsteen, and learn to appreciate the strengths of both as you handle change better than ever.

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Areas Covered

I.    Believe in something greater
      A. Champions of change provide perspective
      B. Realities of change may surprise you
II.  Organizations generally have fundamental shared values that embrace change
III. Are you Madonna?       
IV.  Are you Bruce Springsteen?
V.   A conversation between Madonna and Bruce provides insight
VI.  Effective communication through change is crucial
      A. Consider the effects of groupthink
      B. Get the job done and keep the relationships intact
      C. Pay attention to nonverbals
      D. Have the courage to speak up
      E. Ask the right questions
      F. Avoid the wrong questions
      G. Listen like your life depends on it
VI.  Ultimately, change is not a luxury, but a necessity

Learning Objectives

The success of your communication determines your success in every other aspect of your life. Although people begin talking around age one, we generally have very little training on effective communication skills. Primarily we learn from those we are observe the most and that may or may not be successful.

The changes that we must negotiate are happening at such a fast rate, it can be difficult to keep up and provide a ripe environment for conflict. Research suggests that more technological changes will occur in this century than all the previous ones combined. This combination of fast paced changes and conflict will only slow down productivity and foster care requirements.

No need to get depressed though. Learning to improve your communication skills will help you immediately and you will be motivated to continue improvement. A notable bonus for your improved communication will be that others will improve too, your stress will go down, and your productivity will go up.


From entry level positions, to the CEO, all professionals will take away immediately practical communication skills for handling fast paced changes.
•  CEO’s
•  Business Employees
•  Business Managers
•  Government Agencies
•  Medical Professionals
•  Industry Leaders
•  Sports Teams
•  University Development Teams
•  Educators


The success of your communication determines your success in every other aspect of your life. That philosophy is the foundation for Amanda Box while teaching and facilitating the fundamentals of communication. Her 20+ year career has been spent in a dual role of teaching on the college level and consulting with business and industry.

Box uses an interactive and dynamic presentation style to teach specific communication skills to diverse groups. With improved interpersonal, presentation and writing skills, professionals can spend time doing their best work rather than getting bogged down in the frustrations of flawed communication. Box connects with people on every level including business leaders, government agencies, medical professionals, industry leaders, sports teams, university development teams and many more.

Specialty topics include: communication through change, presentation skills, conflict management, advanced business writing and grammar, customer service, gender difference, small group dynamics, team building, interpersonal communication, and listening skills.

Amanda Box taught full time on the university level for 10 years and continues to serve as adjunct faculty while consulting with business and industry. Box rounded out her professional skills while serving as the communication coordinator for four years for a nonprofit organization where she was responsible for all internal and external communication including several publications, the web site, and media campaigns.

Box has undergraduate and graduate degrees in communication.

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