Gary Cokins speaker of compliance global

January, 2016

Speaker: Gary Cokins
Duration: 60 Minutes
Product ID: 700138


The Integration of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

There is increasing attention regarding the “overlap” of enterprise risk management (ERM) and enterprise performance management (EPM). The former refers to key risk and control indicators (KRIs and KCIs) and the latter to key performance indicators (KPIs). How do they fit together and produce synergy?

The past decade has demonstrated that the initial ERM focus on identifying, monitoring, and avoiding potential threats was too narrow, and ERM programs ended up disconnected from the value creation cycle. More recently, executives are realizing that to actually improve organizational results, ERM must integrate risk management plan, strategic planning, and performance management systems.

How should an organization apply an enterprise risk-based performance management framework to match risk exposure with risk appetite? Organizations struggle with how to integrate a risk perspective into key business decision-making processes, and how to overcome the common pitfalls of integrating risk and performance management.

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