Dr. Michael C. Redmond is Certified in ISO 22301, Business Continuity. Michael can best be found on internet searches under Ms. Michael C. Redmond, but it is actually Dr. Redmond, with a Dual Doctorate in Psychoneurology (Crisis Psychology) and Integrative Healing. In addition she has an MBA from Fordham University and an advanced Masters Program from American Institute of Banking in International Operations. Michael is a Certified Project Manager PMP, has two master certifications in Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery MBCP and FBCI and is certified in Emergency Management. Michael served in the US Army with four years active duty and seventeen ½ years National Guard/Reserves.

She is a retired Major. Michael has consulted and spoken for clients in industries such as Banking, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Hospitals, Government Agencies, Colleges and Universities, Law Firms, and Media.

Michael combines two different fields:

1. Psychoneurology PhD, Doctor of Crisis Psychology

2. Continuity Management which includes: Risk Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Management, and Project Management For eight years Michael was a SR Manger of Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery/ Emergency Management and Security for Deloitte and KPMG.

She was with Chubb Services performing consulting for their clients for five years in the areas of Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery/ Emergency Management. Michael branched out independently in consulting in 2005. She started her Coaching/Therapy Practice in 2002. She is an International Consultant, Speaker and Published Author.

Michael has a series of published CD's in Business Continuity, Cyber Security, COOP&COG (www.rwknowledge.com) as well as 45 professional development CD's in the form of meditation CD's (www.sfccds.com). The White House honored Michael at a Luncheon in 1992 as one of the Top Women in Her Field of Business Continuity. In 2000, when the UN produced a Millennium book on Disaster Recovery given to Head of State for every member country, Nelson Mandela and President Clinton endorsed the book. The UN selected Michael out of the entire world to write the introduction for the chapter on Risk Management. President of Chile requested Michael and the US made her a US Ambassador to Chile for a special project.

She traveled throughout Chile and spoke on Emergency Management/Continuity of Business. The past President of Nigeria personally honored her on stage when she came to Nigeria to train to over 60 Corporations and Government agencies on Continuity of Business. Last year BP Oil and Modec had Michael come to Angola Africa to Train over 50 partner firms to think outside of the box in their planning. Michael was the Key Note Speaker for the 2013 UN Event, Voices of African Mothers. She spoke as a Psychoneurologist about her new book, How To Be Happy and Master Your Work life Balance. Michael spoke on what the nine First Ladies from Central Africa who were in attendance could do to help mitigate feelings of PTSD throughout the war torn areas.

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Dr. Michael C.  Dr. Michael C.

Speaker: Dr. Michael C. Redmond
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Designing Full Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) Training Program as well as Table Top and Simulation Testing

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